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Who's Who


Headteacher: Mrs K Hanson

Deputy Head: Miss L Fletcher




Mrs S Blakemore class  5/6B

Miss E Stanley class 6S

Miss A Farmer class 5F




Mrs J Price class 4P

Mrs S Sheffield class 3/4S

Mrs J Tidman class 3T



Mrs C Browning class 2B

 Mrs D Wallis class 1W

Mrs Downes  1/2D (SENDCo contactable via school office)

Foundation Stage

Miss K Pease class RP


Mrs A Cutler  (maternity leave)



Teaching assistants Mrs J Williams, Mrs P Moffat,  Mrs S O'Neill, Mrs C Horton, Miss K Pratt, Mrs J Banks, Mrs C Dibsdale, Ms Rogers, Mr S Chater Miss K Rogers, Miss P Fincher


Office Team: Mrs S Hill and Mrs J Stone


Sites Team: Ms A Price, Mrs L Reeves, Mrs J Pratt, Mrs G Passey, Mrs Curcher and Ms J Price


Lunchtime team: Mrs J Burgess, Mrs T Smith , Ms S Griffiths, Ms A Miller,  Ms S Rafiq, Mrs J Pearce,  Mr Chater, Ms R Curcher Mrs T Turner and Miss K Pratt


Kitchen team: Mrs S Reynolds, Mrs S Horne, Mrs A Rathbone, Ms S Masters and Ms S  Tunstall.

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