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 Our Reading Culture

  • At Kingsbury Primary School we are creating an environment where reading is championed, valued, respected, and encouraged. Reading lies at the heart of our curriculum, and it is of the upmost importance to our children’s personal, social, and academic success, as well as their general wellbeing.
  • We believe every pupil, parent, carer, and staff member in the school community needs to view reading as a significant and enjoyable activity. Essentially we support and encourage parents and carers in the home environment to also foster a love of reading.
  • Within our reading culture, children are encouraged to read of their own free will, on a regular basis. Pupils select their own reading for pleasure material, at a time and place of their choosing. They are willing and active participants, who anticipate the satisfaction they’ll get from picking up a book.

Who's your favourite author? What's your favourite book?

Big Up a Book Y3/4