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Coventry Museums Summer Fun

Try out some chalk fun

Go to this site  or this one for more inspiration


Some ideas and links to keep everyone busy over the Summer.


Science at Home with Mrs B is a page on facebook. She sells kits which look good. However she also shares for free lots of activities on Youtube. 


I've put a few pictures below of some of her activities.

Earn a Blue Peter Badge

Find out what badges you can earn here.

You can get into lots of places free if you have a badge, Twycross zoo being just one of these. If you click on the link you can sort by location and find those in the Midlands.

Fun Summer Activities for KIDS


Maybe write them on slips of paper and put in a jar or box pick out one each  day as a surprise

  1. Set up an Obstacle Course
  2. Go for a Nature Walk
  3. Make a Masking Tape Race Track for toy cars
  4. Read a good book
  5. Scavenger Hunt
  6. Fly a Kite
  7. Finger Paint with Pudding (or I have a regular fingerpaint recipe if that's more your style!)
  8. Build with Lego
  9. Make Marshmallow and Toothpick Houses
  10. Play Hide and Seek
  11. Make Paper Airplanes – Have a contest to see who's flies the farthest
  12. Write a Story
  13. Stack Cups Game
  14. Or learn the cup song
  15. Watch Learn to Draw Videos I love Draw with Rob
  16. Play Simon Says
  17. Have a Staring Contest
  18. Play Would You Rather
  19. Hula Hoop
  20. Play Hopscotch
  21. Blow Bubbles (Set up a bubble refill station for hours of fun – with less mess!)
  22. Put on a Fashion Show
  23. DIY Tic-Tac-Toe  or make a set painting little pebbles
  24. Make a Blanket Fort
  25. Do a Puzzle (Here's a few ways to make puzzles more fun for kids!)
  26. Make Paper Bag Puppets
  27. Pavement Chalk Art (try my 3 ingredient homemade chalk recipe!)
  28. Water Play in the garden
  29. Play a Card Game   
  30. Write Letters to Family
  31. Jump Rope Games  
  32. Make Fruity Popsicles (Pinterest has oodles of ideas!) 
  33. Make Homemade Ice Cream
  34. Freeze Toys in Water
  35. Build a Cardboard Box Castle
  36. Water Balloon Fight (You MUST try the DIY Water Balloon Station!)
  37. Have a Picnic
  38. Pillow Fight
  39. Play Charades
  40. Homemade Playdough (We've got a super easy homemade recipe that literally lasts forever!)
  41. Paint Rocks
  42. Create Sock Puppets
  43. 42-day time capsule. See if you can put something in it for every one of the 42 days ahead to create a memory box of an unforgettable summer. 
  44. Practice Origami
  45.  Conduct a sunlight experiment. How will plants grow in darker spaces compared to sunlit places, like on a windowsill? Choose two different environments and track your progress over the rest of  the summer holidays.
  46. Become an energy waste detective. Organise a family scavenger hunt to find unused appliances in your home that can be unplugged to save on energy waste. You can also monitor how much  energy different items in your house use with a smart meter. Ask your parents who their energy supplier is and encourage them to request an installation.
  47.  Send a Haiku postcard. A Japanese poem formed of 3 lines with 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. Send it to someone you are missing over the summer.
  48.  Make a domino rally. Use everyday objects to build it and start an epic chain reaction.
  49. Make a pinwheel wind farm. Put your craft skills to the test and build some paper windmills. All you need is paper, scissors, a stick and a pin! 
  50.  Learn some sign language. Learn how to introduce yourself – and then challenge a friend to do the same.
  51. Learn a magic trickThere are many simple card and coin tricks that can be mastered with some practice. Often, you just need a few pennies or quarters or a deck of ordinary playing cards, as it’s all about technique.Here’s one great beginner’s card trick to start with, and here’s a great simple coin trick.
  52. Create a comic story
  53. Create a film
  54. Play how many keep uppies can I do with balloons
  55. Teddy Bears Picnic
  56. Go on a Scavenger Hunt with Free Printable 
  57. Go for a walk collecting sticks etc for nature crafts – Mummy Alarm
  58. Eat your meals in the garden and call it a picnic
  59. Go foraging for blackberries (If in season) 
  60. Go on a rainbow nature hunt – Little Hearts Big Love
  61. Nature Walk and then make brackets – Simple as That
  62. Go on a family picnic 
  63. Watch an old episode of Art Attack on Youtube