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Welcome to our school website, it aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing up to date information for parents, pupils and the wider community.


Please enjoy looking at all our pictures and finding out more. If you have any questions please pop into the school office or ring school and speak to Mrs Hill or Mrs Stone on 01827 872275.


Karen Hanson




As usual our pupils were brilliant as we held our silence following Mrs Price playing the last post for us. It is always a  really memorable occasion as the silence descends and we all focus our thoughts on those who have given their lives to protect the freedom we all enjoy in Britain.


This year all the children in school took part in painting stones as part of our new art project for our remembrance garden. As you can see from the pictures it has turned our really well and complements the plaques from last year that mirror those in the church listing those who lost their lives in the world wars.


We wanted to engage with the businesses in the local community around this project and children wrote asking if any would be able to sponsor a small part of the project. We have been really pleased with the responses.

A huge thank you to:-

The Swan Public house for their £20 sponsorship

The Co-op for their £15 Voucher

Planters for their £10 Gift Voucher & Sky Trail Adventure Pass

The Owl for their £30 sponsorship

Mill Crescent Newsagent for their £50 sponsorship

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E- Safety


It's quite possible your children know more about the internet than you do as parents. As adults responsible for children it is our responsibility to ensure we keep up with what they are doing and find out as much as we can to keep that one step ahead!


Adults and children alike can face problems with the internet for example , identify theft, fraud, spam and scam emails.  As well as this there are more immediate threats such as inappropriate websites, cyber bullying and exposure to inappropriate images.


However the internet, is an indispensable tool to widen your learning and improve valuable life skills.


This page will provide key information on how to stay safe whilst you are online and will provide links to websites that will help you do this.



Keep your personal stuff private and think about what you say and do online

  • Don't share personal information including your full name, photo, addresses, school information




Block people who send nasty messages and don't open unknown links and attachments from people you don't know

  • If someone is mean or sends nasty messages online, block them
  • Words on a screen can be as hurtful as the words that come from your mouth



Flag up with someone you trust if anything upsets you or if someone asks to meet you offline

  • If a friend you have made online asks to meet you in the offline world, talk to your parents or an adult

Talk to someone


Call: Childline 0800 11 11 or did you know you can use a Childline app




A great website to go on about Safety Internet is: