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Half Term fun

It is half term but as families are still restricted in what they can do I thought I would share some links and things to do should anyone get bored or need something to keep the children engaged whilst parents catch up with work.

Safety Competition

First Aid and Kindness- the latter being something we all need at the moment. A link from the Redcross. Ive added the downloads below this or you can download from the link.

If First Aid is what you want to learn more about this is a series of lessons from Youtube each is about half an hour long.


Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5


worksheets and certificates here


Some different resources here

Lucie's mum shared this link  for the Hay festival. Great chance to find out about some lovely books and hear authors sharing them.
Earn a Blue Peter Badge, something that when I was a child was seen as something to strive for and perhaps in todays world is not so highly prized by all. That said its always nice to get recognition which is what the badges do and also children love collecting so why not start and see how many you can earn.
Don't forget to look at the recipes children have shared on our cooking page. We know lots of you are enjoying cooking so here is another link. Keep sharing your cooking results.
Maybe science is your thing. Why not try these?

Do you want some crafting fun?


Try here at the kids craft room.


or here at Red Ted Art.

Or maybe there is something here that might interest you.
If you've not done the time capsule why not give it a go.
There are lots of virtual tours on the curriculum page but here are a few more.
Do you like following instructions for drawing? Go to You tube and type in Draw with Rob he has lots of tutorials for all sorts of fun characters to draw. 
Some fun ideas here at Ten Pieces