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Online Gaming

Do you know what the games your child is playing are all about?

Have a look here and find out more. 

Staying safe online is very important. We know it can be difficult to stay on top of the wide range of sites and devices that young people use, so we hope that the following advice helps. Four steps:


1)Have ongoing conversations with your children about staying safe online

2)Use safety tools on social networks and other online services, eg Facebook privacy settings

3)Decide if you want to use parental controls on your home internet

4)Understand devices and the parental control tools they offer in our Parents' Guide to Technology


What are the key online risks?

Contact: children can be contacted by bullies or people who groom or seek to abuse them

Content: age-inappropriate or unreliable content can be available to children

Conduct: children may be at risk because of their own behaviour, for example, by sharing too much information

Commercialism: young people can be unaware of hidden costs and advertising in apps, games and websites


Where can I find out more?



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When you need to report something from the internet look out for this CEOP symbol. More information about CEOP can be found below.