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Welcome to class 3T's page! 




KPS put in their best and most fearless year 3 and 4 children to compete against 4 other schools in 5 events.  Have a look at what we got up to!

Angle Finder!


As part of our maths starter, we had to work in pairs to find, identify and label angles around the playground!  We found a few!

Ancient Egyptian Animals AND Life and Learning Skills!


As part of our Ancient Egyptian topic, we were researching Ancient Egyptian animals.  The animals that would have been around Egypt a that time.  Some of them we had never heard of!   Our task was NOT ONLY to find out about some of these animals, but also to work with our group to present the information to the rest of the class.

We were VERY successful at this - it is our 'think think think' target to make sure that we all contribute to group work.  We did this very well!  Look at the posters we made together!

Our LOCAL HISTORY homework

As part of our local history topic, the children had to find out about the mine here in Kingsbury and in our local area.  They could present what they found out in any way they wanted.  Have a look at some of their awesome projects!

We're off down the mines!


      As part of our 'local history' topic, we have been learning about coal mining and we discovered, to our amazement, that Kingsbury has it's own coal mine!  

     We had 3 superb visitors who came in to speak to us about mining.  Our visitors were able to explain and give details about their own experiences working in local mines and even showed us some equipment too.

     We found this very interesting and even impressed them by how much we already knew!

Shakespeare Day

'A Midsummer Night's Dream'


We took part in a Shakespeare workshop in school!  Along with all of KS2, we met a fantastic Shakespeare enthusiast, who taught us all about 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.  We underwent a short drama session before we practiced our small part of the whole play.  

     Later that day, we stood in front of KS2 and performed our parts!  We are very proud of ourselves as we were very nervous!


    We have been working on our maths skills.  We have learnt about 3D shapes and how to describe them.  Using our maths skills with our Maths Buddy, we then planned, measured and constructed our 3D shape.  We used our 'Learning and Life' skills to work well together as a team.  We think we did a good job!


    Whilst learning about coal mining, we discovered that children the same age as us would often have to work in mines.  We did some work on empathy, trying to imagine what it would feel like.  We used 'freeze frame' drama to recreate images we had seen.  Some of us are children, but some of us are carts, walls, buckets, lumps of coal and even pit ponies!

Professor McGinty's VIKING visit

      We were very lucky to have a visit from the fantastic time travelling 'detective', Professor McGinty.  He was incredibly funny and kept us very entertained AND taught us many facts about the Vikings.  We will definitely remember his visit!


Learning about 'states of matter'


       This term we have been discovering the difference between 'solids', 'liquids' and 'gases' and looking at examples of each.  We worked together to come up with definitions for each of these and then we investigated something that was slightly different!

       We made a 'non-Newtonian' liquid.  It was cornflour mixed with water.  This was very interesting and fun to play with as it was BOTH a liquid AND a solid AT THE SAME TIME!!

Look at the photos as we investigated whether we could pour it, whack it, slap it, chop it, ball it, punch it, throw it....and many more!!