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20th April Home Learning project: Indonesia

Dear Parents,

 We have decided to adapt our teaching over the coming weeks to help those with families all trying to do different things or only able to access one computer or phone. We are keeping our maths and phonics/grammar lessons on Dojo/google classrooms as before. We also want you to do lots of reading either real books or online books at Oxford Owl or Serial Mash. 

Safety message: We have used Youtube links. It does of course come with a health warning as things can pop up re adverts and they are not always appropriate so supervision is needed and also a reminder to children that if they see something worrying to minimise screen and get an adult.

The new bit: Whole school projects for two weeks at a time. This means that where there are lots of you in the family you can all learn together. You can take the topic in any direction you like. You don’t have to do everything and you can choose how you learn and how you present information. You can do it as individuals or as a whole family. You could create a big project book, or create something on the computer or simply do lots of the activities. We have tried to make this as flexible as possible to meet the needs of many. Please read through it all before you start choosing what to do.

Our first whole school project is going to be about Indonesia- this links well with the Rainforest work Y5/6 have been studying.  We have split the topic up into lots of different subject areas so you can see how it all fits together.

A good starting point is this power point from Twinkl ppt below


Maybe start by creating a fact sheet with key information. This might be something that you add to over the two weeks.

There is one here below if you need inspiration. 


What types of facts might you find out? Capital city, currency, languages, religion, food, climate …Can you draw the flag?

Younger children might discuss what they find out - adult will need to read this, maybe write or draw favourite fact.

Facts here on Youtube

More facts here

More here  Kid Cyber kids

If you read the ebook about Ronald the Rhino (see in the English section) then you can look at this activity below.




You could try to compare and contrast Indonesia with Uk this worksheet below might prompt you





Bali is a place in Indonesia. What can you find out about Bali? Can you write a travel leaflet for it? Or write or draw your favourite thing from Bali.

Find out about Bali in Indonesia here


Go on a virtual tour of Bali on Youtube


Krakotoa is a famous volcano in Indonesia maybe you could find out a bit more and draw a picture and write about it  or look here. This volcano erupted just this month watch this film on YouTube


You could make a volcano, take a video of it if you do, we would love to see these.

Faith's mum found this helpful video on YouTube


Palm oil is one of the things Indonesia exports could you find out more about this? You might choose to do a mini topic about the impact of palm oil in particular on orangutans. Especially for Y5/6 this links well to your last topic. Have a look at the science section there's a bit more about orangutans. 

Find out about palm oil    and more here  and a little film here about Orangutan. You could write a story about an Orangutan, or a newspaper report about deforestation, or a fact file about the impact of palm oil.





Always phonics or grammar/spelling.

Always encourage reading maybe you can  recommend a good book you have read to your classmates.


Read the Rhino story from Twinkl below.



A simple comprehension based on the book above if you cant print you can read it and write or type the answers. Older children maybe you could re write the story or create some of your own questions too.



Try some descriptive writing about Bali in Indonesia. Have a look at the videos in the geography section too. Or write a travel brochure for Bali, using persuasive language.



If you want to do some more writing, You could always re write one of the Indonisian folk tales. Or write it as a playscript to perform with people or puppets.




Indonesia : Wayang puppets originated on the island of Java. There are two forms: wayang kulit, made of flat leather pierced with decorative holes, and wayang golek, three dimensional wooden puppets. Wayang kulit are shadow puppets accompanied by live gamelan music, and the plays are narrated. The puppets are manipulated in similar fashion to the Thai shadow puppets, between a screen and a source of light.


Watch wayang kulit on Youtube: see the puppets being operated and then see how it looks from the audience side of the screen.

Make your own shadow puppets and put on a show! Have a look here on Youtube. Obviously you will have to make do with things you can find. If you can't do shadow puppets any kind of puppet will do.

Choose a story to act out from here. Or look at the story of the Golden Cucumber below.


Textiles in Indonesia are beautiful have a look at these art activities, could you copy some of these batik patterns?


Indonesia have beautiful fan dances, why not try to make a fan or this one


How to draw a Komodo dragon

What does your Komodo dragon look like?

If you like art then have a look below at the puppet designs. (see the ART ENGLISH DT section)


Make an Indonesian mask see pack below.


How to draw a Rhino like Ronald, see instructions below.



 If you have a printer you could do some colour by number monsters, if not why not try to draw one of these?





Listen to Gamelan here on youtube


Could you find metal objects around the home (nothing precious) and maybe have a go at creating your own metal percussion piece of music. Perhaps you could video this.


  A gamelan lesson


More gamelan


 What is the main religion in Indonesia? What religions are followed here? What is it like in the holy buildings? Could you draw a picture, or write a report about the virtual visit?


Find out more here


Visit a Hindu temple here


another trip here


 Cooking anything with your children during this time would be an excellent activity. Lots of fun together and draws in all kinds of learning. 

What types of food do people eat in Indonesia? Whats similar, Whats different to the food we eat in the UK?

Watch some children trying Indonesian food on Youtube


What food do they eat? Could you follow a recipe for an Indonesian meal?

What food do they eat? Theres a power point here about the fruit of Indonesia – do you recognise them?  There are a couple of worksheets one in colour one in black and white that you could print or you could draw your own.



 Indonesia also hosts a Kite Festival- What kind of kite would you like to make? What design would you put on it?

More information here

Now these kites are rather fantastic but how about some family fun having a go at making your own kites. We’d love to see photos or videos. You might have to use sticks you fine on your daily exercise and recycle a carrier bag but then that’s all good re-use and re-cycle, have a look here








Komodo dragons are a the largest lizard in the world and live in Indonesia. Can you find out more about them? See the youtube  facts video under  geography and the art bit about drawing.

Also more information here   and here. Create a fact file, or write a newspaper report, draw a picture and label.




Orangutans are another species that live in Indonesia what can you find out about them

10 facts about Orangutans

Ten more facts

How to draw an Orangutan

Create a fact file, or write a newspaper report, draw a picture and label.


Find out more about the animals and plants of Indonesia on Kidcyber


Food and farming in Indonesia look here, see more about food in the DT section.

Create a fact file, or write a newspaper report, draw a picture and label.




Joe Wickes plus other links from the curriculum page of website if you want a change.

Watch Indonesian dance? Can you have a go

Watch here




Keep working on your french on the BBC 

Try to learn a bit of Indonesian from the links below.

If you have a printer you could try this or you could copy it and have a go its all about body parts and numbers



Try out these Indonesian fortune tellers just for fun.


Ongoing maths work will be set set via google classrooms and or Dojo plus there’s always TTRS /Numbots

But if you want an Indonesian twist and can print there are some

Some maths colouring sheets below.


Other Bits

If you have a printer

A wordsearch here or even better could you make up your own.

Some colouring sheets.

Some mindfulness colouring sheets.

The Indonesian coat of arms.



If you do have a printer and go on Twinkl and type Ronald Rhino there are lots of worksheets and activities that we haven’t listed particularly useful for younger children.